Mayor Riojas has declared a State of Emergency for the City of Nixon




 WHEREAS, on February 12, 2021, the Governor of the State of Texas issued a Proclamation declaring an Emergency due to the imminent threat of widespread and severe property damage, injury, and loss of life due to prolonged freezing temperatures, heavy snow and freezing rain; and

WHEREAS, on February 14, 2021, the President of the United States issued a Declaration of Emergency for all 254 Texas Counties; and

WHEREAS, extremely cold temperatures and record snow and ice accumulation on the streets in the City of Nixon have created dangerous conditions making travel difficult, closing most businesses and creating hazardous conditions for the City ‘s citizens; and

WHEREAS, the extreme cold temperatures are forecasted to continue through Thursday, February 18, 2021; and

WHEREAS, the extremely cold temperatures exist statewide and have stressed the ability of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to provide sufficient power to the State’s electricity grid causing requests urging citizens to conserve power in order to limit rolling blackouts; and

WHEREAS , due to the COVID-19 Pandemic on March 16, 2020, the Governor, at the request of the Texas Attorney General, suspended several provisions of the Texas Open Meetings laws to allow governmental entities to meet virtually in order to conduct business; and

WHEREAS, the Governor has periodically extended the open meeting exemptions, along with other COVID-19 emergency directives, with the last extension occurring on February 4, 2021 continuing through March 2021.



SECTION 1. That the findings and recitations set out in the preamble to this Declaration are found to be true and correct.

SECTION 2. That a state or disaster exists for the City of Nixon.

SECTION 3. That this declaration of local disaster take effect immediately and remain in effect for the next seven (7) days, unless terminated earlier.

SECTION 4. That pursuant to §418.015 of the Texas Government Code and its amendments, this declaration  of  a local  state of disaster activates the City Emergency Management Plan; and

SECTION 5. That virtual and/or public meetings of the Nixon City Council, as may be planned for the next seven (7) days, shall be postponed to a future date after the expiration of this Emergency Declaration.

SECTION 6.  That this declaration of a local state of disaster shall be given prompt and general publicity and shall be filed promptly with the City Secretary.

SO DECLARED AND ORDERED this the 16th day of February 2021.



                                              Dorothy Riojas                          

                                          DOROTHY RIOJAS, MAYOR

                                               CITY OF NIXON, TEXAS


Day ONE of the historic south Texas Snow is practically behind us. The street and park crews have worked all day clearing intersections and answering citizens calls for help. The NPD, emergency and fire crews have been assisting stranded motorists and keeping us safe.
Despite our best efforts the roads are still dangerous to drive! Please do not go out unless you absolutely must.
If you do venture out please know that the slushie ice on the road will become sheer, black ice later this evening and certainly tonight.
STAY HOME! Driving conditions will worsen as the days progress .
Trash pick up is suspended until it is safe to put the trash trucks back on the road again. The City Library and other City offices will be closed tomorrow.
Please check on your neighbors ensuring everyone is warm and has food. We have survived floods, wind storms and even a pandemic, we can do this as well Nixon!

Inclement Weather Message to the Residencts of Nixon, TX

Residents of Nixon: The electric grid providing power to the City of Nixon residents and businesses has reached capacity and is under severe stress.
Please take immediate action to conserve electricity NOW
* Unplug all lights, devices and appliances that are not absolutely necessary
* Set heat on thermostats to no more than 68 degrees
*Keep doors to rooms closed to keep the heat in
*Place towels or blankets beneath doors
*Put on extra lawyers of clothing

Nixon City Council to meet Monday, 2/8/21 , 3:30 p.m. at the Aphne Pattillo Public Library. The Public is invited to attend. Please wear a face covering to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.





  Monday, February 8th, 2021


The Nixon City Council will convene in a Regular Meeting on Monday, February 8th, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. at the Aphne Pattillo Public Library, 401 N Nixon Avenue, Nixon, Texas 78140. The Order of Business will be:


Call to order

Roll Call

Invocation and Pledges

Citizens to be HeardCitizens to be Heard – This time is provided for citizens to address the Council on issues and concerns. No action can or will be taken on issues raised under this portion of the meeting. Please limit your marks to a period not to exceed three (3) minutes. We ask that you approach the council and state your name and address for the record).  Pursuant to House Bill 2840 (codified in Texas Government Code Section 551.007), all attending citizens who wish to comment on specific agenda items, during a scheduled meeting, must sign up to do so PRIOR to the start of the meeting and indicate which agenda item the citizen wishes to comment on.  Said public comment on agenda items shall occur once the agenda item is reached during the meeting, but prior to City Council deliberating the matter.  A time limit of three (3) minutes shall be observed by all commenting citizens.



  1. Discussion/Action to Approve the Minutes of the 1/05/2021 Meeting.
  2. Discussion/Action on the Financial Statements and Unpaid bills.
  3. Fire Chief Report
  4. Discussion/ Possible Action on approval of the Nixon Volunteer Fire Department Firework Show for July 4th
  5. Discussion/Possible Action on using funds from the Hotel /Motel Tax Fund for the Nixon VFD 4th of July Firework Show.
  6. Discussion /Possible Action on placing the 1989 Ford F350 4×4 (formerly known as Brusk-41) for a sealed bid. VEHICLE INFORMATION: Year:1989, Make: Ford, Model: F350 1 Ton – Pickup, Engine:7.5 L 460 CID V8, VIN:1FDKF38G7KNA97550, Fuel Type: Gas
  7. Discussion/Possible Action on granting the City Manager specific authority to act on behalf of the City of Nixon, Texas as an authorized agent for the City for the purpose of executing and signing any and all loan documents, real estate documents and closing documents with Third Coast Bank, SSB for the purpose of the construction loan with said bank for the new City Hall building.
  8. Discussion and Approval of a Resolution Designating Authorized Signatures for Contractual and Grant Fund Documents pertaining to the TxCDBG Contract #7220331”
  9. “Discussion and Approval to adopt Civil Rights Resolution, Policies and Procedures for the TxCDBG Contract # 7220331.”
  10. Discussion/Possible Action on purchase of Little League Field lighting from Musco Sports Lighting, LLC.
  11. Discussion/ Possible Action regarding signing of a Resolution for a finance contract with Government Capital for the lighting of the Little League Field.
  12. Discussion / Possible Action on hiring a part-time code enforcement /animal control officer.
  13. Discussion/ Possible Action on starting the Nixon Farmer Market on the first Saturday of the month with the next date being March 6, 2021.
  14. Discussion / Possible Action on scheduling of Gladyne Finch Park Dedication
  15. Discussion/ Possible Action on giving the City Manager the authority to purchase a marque from Stewart Signs for the new City Hall and Community Center.
  16. Police Chief Report
  17. Library Report
  18. City Manager Report:  Status of New City Hall /police dept transition- new officers/ Goldman audit under way/online bill payment


EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Nixon City Council may convene into executive (closed) session in accordance with the Texas Government Code when necessary and legally justified. Any item on this agenda may be discussed in executive session if authorized by Texas Law regardless of whether it is listed under “Executive Session” of this agenda, and regardless of any past or current practice of the City Council. Executive Sessions herein are closed meetings, and may include the consideration of any item otherwise listed on the agenda plus any subject matter specified in the executive session notice, and may include items under the Texas Government Code as follows: Section 551.071 (Consultation with Attorney regarding contemplated or pending litigation, a settlement officer or administrative hearing); Section 551.072 (Deliberations regarding Real Property); Section 551.073 (Deliberations about Gifts & Donations); Section 551.074 (Personnel Matters); Section 551.076 (Deliberation about Security Devices);  Section 551.086 (Deliberations regarding Municipally Owned Utility); and Section 551.087 (Deliberations regarding Economic Development Negotiation).”


This Notice of Meeting was posted for public viewing in City Hall in Nixon, Texas, a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public at all times and was posted on Friday, February 5th, 2021, at 5:00 p.m., and remained posted for 72 hours preceding the scheduled time of the meeting.





Deborah M. Bustamente

City Secretary

ATTENTION! All City of Nixon Sponsored Events have been cancelled effective 11/19/20

Due to the rapid onset of COVID-19 City Hall and all related offices are closed until further notice. Utility payments are due as normal. Please place the payment in the office drop box. Customers that pay over the telephone or with a credit card will need to make other arrangements for payment ie via money order or check. Office personnel will not be available normal business hours. The drop box is being checked daily.

New City Hall and Community Center Ground Breaking Happened Monday, November 2, 2020

Nixon Police Department Honors Allen Coleman with the 2020 NPD Citizenship Award

On October 12th, 2020 Allen Coleman was recognized by the Nixon Police Department for his selfless giving of PPE’s to First Responders in the City of Nixon and K-9 equipment to the Nixon Police Department. Nixon Police Chief Christopher Aviles stated that Mr. Coleman’s sense of community separated him from the average citizen. Mr. Coleman stepped up during the onset of COVID-19 when many were fearful of the pandemic and its effect on their families, friends and community. Thank you Mr. Coleman!

Local Historian Donald Hoffman Honored by the City of Nixon

Mr. Donald Hoffman, local educator, author and beloved historian was recently honored by the City of Nixon as the recipient of the 2020 Citizenship Award. Mr. Hoffman has worked diligently gathering historical facts regarding Nixon, Gonzales County and surrounding areas for numerous years. The historical wall monument located on the Nixon Post Office parking lot was imagined and brought to fruition by Mr. Hoffman. The beautiful vintage pictures allow the viewer to pleasantly reminisce of an earlier time. The City of Nixon sincerely gives our thanks and gratitude to Mr. Hoffman for his dedication in making Nixon beautiful and original.