The City Council will meet at the Nixon City Hall Council Chamber.




February 16th, 2022

 The Nixon City Council will convene in a Regular Meeting on Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. in the Nixon City Hall, 302 E. Central Avenue, Nixon, Texas 78140. The Order of Business will be:

Call to order

Roll Call

Invocation and Pledges

Citizens to be Heard – This time is provided for citizens to address the Council on issues and concerns. No action can or will be taken on issues raised under this portion of the meeting. Please limit your marks to a period not to exceed three (3) minutes. We ask that you approach the council and state your name and address for the record).  Pursuant to House Bill 2840 (codified in Texas Government Code Section 551.007), all attending citizens who wish to comment on specific agenda items, during a scheduled meeting, must sign up to do so PRIOR to the start of the meeting and indicate which agenda item the citizen wishes to comment on.  Said public comment on agenda items shall occur once the agenda item is reached during the meeting, but prior to City Council deliberating the matter.  A time limit of three (3) minutes shall be observed by all commenting citizens.

  1. Discussion/Action to Approve the Minutes of the January 10th, 2022 Meeting.
  2. Discussion/Action on the Financial Statements and Unpaid bills.
  3. Fire Department Monthly Run Report
  4. Discussion/ Possible Action on allowing the Nixon Volunteer Fire Department Chief to confirm balance on the Fire Truck Bank account.
  5. Discussion /Possible Action on signing ESD #2 Fire Department/City of Nixon Contract.
  6. Presentation by Grant Works Becca Taylor.
  7. Discussion /Possible Action on Purchasing H2O Analytics for Utility Department.
  8. Discussion/ Possible Action on leasing of building located at 106 W. Third Street to the Nixon Chamber of Commerce.
  9. Discussion/ Possible Action on allowing Carlos Romero to open a mobile car service and tire shop within the city of Nixon and setting the permit rate.
  10. Discussion/ Possible Action on accepting and signing the engagement letter with C.P.A. firm Goldman, Hunt, & Notz, LLP for the 2020 -2021 City of Nixon audit.
  11. Discussion/ Possible Action on the NSCISD, local and out of town Non-Profit Community Center contract.
  12. Discussion /Possible Action on rate for the USPS renewal rental contract.
  13. Discussion/Possible Action on signing contract with Gonzales County Election Office.
  14. Police Chief Report
  15. Discussion/ Possible Action on an Master Service Agreement/MOU with Gonzales County for Interdiction Services.
  16. Discussion/ Possible Action on Annexation to bring water to local cemeteries.
  17. Discussion/Possible Action on the current water tapping fees.
  18. City Manager Report


EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Nixon City Council may convene into executive (closed) session in accordance with the Texas Government Code when necessary and legally justified. Any item on this agenda may be discussed in executive session if authorized by Texas Law regardless of whether it is listed under “Executive Session” of this agenda, and regardless of any past or current practice of the City Council. Executive Sessions herein are closed meetings, and may include the consideration of any item otherwise listed on the agenda plus any subject matter specified in the executive session notice, and may include items under the Texas Government Code as follows: Section 551.071 (Consultation with Attorney regarding contemplated or pending litigation, a settlement officer or administrative hearing); Section 551.072 (Deliberations regarding Real Property); Section 551.073 (Deliberations about Gifts & Donations); Section 551.074 (Personnel Matters); Section 551.076 (Deliberation about Security Devices);  Section 551.086 (Deliberations regarding Municipally Owned Utility); and Section 551.087 (Deliberations regarding Economic Development Negotiation).”

 This Notice of Meeting was posted for public viewing in City Hall in Nixon, Texas, a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public at all times and was posted on Monday, February 11th, 2022, 4:00 p.m. and remained posted for 72 hours preceding the scheduled time of the meeting.


Deborah M. Bustamente

City Secretary


02 16 2022 signed CCMIN



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