A compact neighborhood of around 2,385 people, the people and council of Nixon work together to make the town a happy and inviting place to live.

Nixon sits in the counties of Wilson and Gonzales, and can be found at the intersection of Highway 87, Highway 80 and Farm Road 1117. Located an hour outside of San Antonia and Victoria, and under two hours away from the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, the citizens of Nixon enjoy the best of Texas at their doorstep. As such, it’s the place that hundreds of couples and families are proud to call home.

Nixon’s History

Water Tower, Nixon

Water Tower, Nixon

Nixon’s origins lie with the railway, and the town was established in 1906 when a line was built through John Nixon’s ranch, from whom the name was borrowed. Although initially known as Nixonville, the name was later shortened and has remained the town’s identity ever since.

As the railway brought traffic and custom through the region, Nixon began to flourish as markets and tradesmen began to settle here. With these pioneers came families, and thus throughout the 1910s and 20s the town acquired a school, church, stores and even the telephone.

From the 1950s onwards, agriculture and later oil have been the ground bed of the local economy. A small but proud town, Nixon is beginning to see its property prices increasing along with revenue as the hard-working members of the community serves to strengthen the relationships and prosperity of Nixon. As the voice of the people, the City Council strives to make the town an even happier place to live.